Thursday, August 15, 2019

Tunnel connection

An ethical hacker is a person who performs most of the same activities a cracker does, but with the owner or company's permission. T 2. Even though the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CHIPS) certification is not geared toward the technical IT professional, it has become one of the standards for many security professionals. F 3. To retrieve e-mail from a mail server, you most likely access port 119. T 4.An octal digit can be represented with only three bits because the largest digit in octal is seven. T 5. A hex number is written with two characters, each representing a byte. 6. Macro viruses are hard to create. 7. Computer crime is the fastest growing type of crime worldwide. 8. To limit the amount of information a company makes public, you should have a good understanding of what a competitor would do to discover confidential information. _F 9. The HTTP CONNECT method starts a remote application-layer Lubbock of the request message. 0. A Entries name does not ne ed to be unique on a network. Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. C 11. Hacking Security testing b. Cracking takes penetration testing to a higher level. D. Packet sniffing A 12. Some hackers are skillful computer operators, but others are younger inexperienced people who experienced hackers refer to as script kiddies packet snifters repetition monkeys crackers D 13.The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (SEC- Council) has developed a certification designation called . A. Compact Security+ CUSTOM professional security -rested (POST) Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CHIPS) Certified Ethical Hacker (CUE) A 14. The Stamina,Audit,Network, Security (SANS) Institute offers training and IT security certifications through Global Information Assurance Certification (IAC) can be created that welcomes new users Joining a chat session, D 15. A even though a person isn't actually present to welco me them. . Byte switch packet boot can replicate itself, usually through an executable program B 16. A attached to an e-mail. A. Shell Kellogg virus retrofit _C 17. Which of the following provides the most secure method of securing a company's assets? A. Rotary locks card access combination locks deadbolt locks D 18. Can be used to gather information useful for computer criminals, like many phone directories, financial reports, interoffice memos, resumes of employees, etc. A. Shoulder surfing Piggybacking Footprint Dumpster diving _C 19.In an JACK scan, if the attacked port returns an REST packet the attacked port is considered to be † open unfiltered closed unassigned Completion Complete each statement. 20. In the TCP/IP stack, the _ Transport_ layer is responsible for getting data packets to and from the Application layer by using port numbers. In addition to a unique network address, each network must be assigned 21. A(n) _subnet which helps distinguish the network address bits from the host dress bits. Mallard is malicious software, such as a virus,worm, or Trojan program, introduced to a network for Just that reason. 3. Antivirus software compares signatures of known viruses against the files on the computer; if there's a match, the software warns you that the program or file is infected. 24. In computer Jargon, the process of finding information on a company's network is called _footprint_; 25. The HTTP HTTP(S) method is used with a proxy that can dynamically switch to a tunnel connection, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). 26. What makes the _ Opens_ tool unique is the ability to update security heck plug-ins when they become available. 27.To determine what resources or shares are on a network, security testers must first determine what services footprint. Is being used via port scanning and 28. Nesses can be used to enumerate Windows Joss, as well as Linux systems. 29. RPC stands for Short Answer Remote Procedure Call . 30. How can DNS be used fo r footprint? DNS uses name servers to resolve names. After you determine what name server a company is using, you can attempt to transfer all the records for which the DNS server is responsible. This process, called a zone transfer, can be done with the Dig

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