Friday, August 9, 2019

English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 28

English - Essay Example The animals come here to quench their thirst; some lapping up the water with their tongues, others taking a deep in the relieving water. Birds from all corners of the forest come to make their nests near her; for there is always plenty food where she passes. The little boys and girls are always lost in wonder at the graceful flow of the river, creating shallow pools in its wake where they spend most of their time splattering around without a care in the world. Their parents nearby are going on with their daily chores of fishing, cleaning, and singing in unison joining nature in its never ending orchestra by the river. It has many sacred places and shrines where elders come to perform rites to their ancestors, where initiates come to be one with nature, to ask for her permission before taking the bold step into adulthood. It is the place where people feel at most with nature and their gods. It is where all life culminates and where it is most vibrant; it is felt in the inner core of the soul of everything there. River Ptoon is a home away from home. In an eerie calm by the river bank a scream shatters the silence another victim falls prey to the unusually calm river. Lurking in the deeper pools of the river there are ravenous predator fishes and alligators ready to snap their jaws at anything that comes near them. The ever present birds always ready to play the role of â€Å"garbage collectors†, nibbling the bones of the dead animals to scorched white, cleaning away the wine; the water stinks of death after the massacres. The stones by the banks are marked by bird droppings like a mad painter’s work of art. Only the tall old trees remain alive with their long deep tap roots reaching the pure water underground, and their shadows casting sinister looking impressions. Parents bring their children to play but pretend to be busy with their chores, but they are hawk eyed for any sign of danger from within or out of the

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