Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Technological Awareness of Teachers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Technological Awareness of Teachers - Essay Example Because technology provides animation and different kinds of presentation using media materials, and these helps our students to absorb information by just watching and listening. Essentially, educational technology helps to improve the overall efficiency of the teaching-learning process. It is noted that a microteaching session can be real and convincing since it issues videotape recording as evaluative medium and should be learned by our mentors. As educators became much more aware of their responsibility to deliver the best quality education to students, they have begun to recognize the need to be aware of educational technology. The perception when educational technology was first heard is a negative one but it appears that to many people it has served to inhibit the introduction of better educational technology and its use in improving the delivery with higher quality learning outcomes.2 The new technologies are radically changing the nature and configuration of adult education. With computer information, educators are no longer the primary source of factual information. Changes are therefore occurring in the methods and content of instruction, both supplementing and changing the relationship between the teacher and the learner. Still, the new technologies have freed many individuals to enjoy their leisure and to work at home in a distraction-free environment. And in the future, most educational services are foreseen to be delivered electronically by teleconferencing, cable and satellite television, computer networks and other means et to be discovered - provided educators learn how to use the media in congruence with the principles of community education. The future trends in media technology hold promise for further improving learning, reducing the barriers that limit effectiveness in the learning process, and tapping the potentials of new technological tools in instruction. The researcher will inform the teachers and would be teachers that as they enter the educational field at a very exciting moment as a teacher, human resource trainer or educational administrator. There has been expressed a critical need for an effective in-service program on the development of teaching competence. Among the alternative strategies introduced, however, Microteaching has been cited as being both a model and a real teaching encounter. In the search for strategies to develop teaching skills microteaching sessions have shown tangible to have positively contributed to the professional growth and improved teaching performance of student teachers. Background of the Research (Progressive nature of the documents that show the development process ) The researcher chose this topic to help and inform educators regarding the usage and usefulness of educational technology on their teaching profession and know what are the instructional media and technology to use. There is something that teacher's are missing on, in the tertiary education, there has been and increasing emphasis on group learning techniques. This move to group learning has been given further impetus by the development of science and technology-based games simulation and case studies. These techniques of instructions are ideally suited for use in teaching the various higher cognitive and non-cognitive skills are now regarded as essential part of a properly rounded

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