Saturday, July 27, 2019

Environmental Ethics in Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Environmental Ethics in Business - Assignment Example The flora and fauna are getting extinct at a fast pace and the new strains of germs and diseases are spreading around the world. Climate change is demanding new and unhealthy adjustments with nature. The natural resource base is getting narrowed. The options for rural livelihoods are narrowing down. The springs are no more cheerful and life is becoming sad and gloomy. The direct result of this situation is poverty, death, and disease. The whole world on an equitable basis has a right over the wholesome environmental conditions. In order to respectfully live and enjoy in this world, every human being has equal title to the natural resources including clean air, clean water, and clean environment. Infringing on the environmental rights by the USA and its businesses around the world is not acceptable. By not ratifying the Kyoto protocol the President Bush of USA has not admitted the universality of equal human rights around the world. An environment is not at all a country specific. ... All other countries where the USA businesses are located have to ensure compliance with the international and local standards on the environment. Any business concern found not compliant must be penalized properly. Any let up in this connection can further harm the global environment. The 25% share of USA in CO2 emissions is really an alarming proportion. The excuse or the argument of President Bush does not hold good. The unemployment generated in the USA by CO2 reduction by 2015 is not tenable. The industries have to be harnessed. Mere profit-making should not be their main aim. The USA has to look at its meager population as compared to the whole world. Local consumption of goods in the USA does not warrant sustained growth in the USA. Even the oil reserves accumulated from the Iraq war cannot for sure guarantee the sustained GDP growth for the USA. The CO2 emissions from China and India are equally bad. But this argument taken by the USA does not suit the world's largest and most sophisticated technology-based economy of the USA. Japan and Canada have equal responsibility. However, the USA has to take the lead.

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