Saturday, September 7, 2019

Comparative project success factors - 2550 words Essay

Comparative project success factors - 2550 words - Essay Example e above mentioned course, we will also try and make a few suggestions that, according to us, might have rendered to a better strategic move and hence, less of a fiasco. Every case study has a conclusion to make. Ours happens to outline the wrong moves and learning from the mistakes made by those involved in the strategic decision making of the above mentioned three projects. While we will be discussing the chosen three projects in details later, let us get a brief outline of the same to assist the uninitiated. The Millennium Dome Project was termed as one of the biggest and most exceptional of the projects undertaken so far. Many politicians amongst the country took personal strides to make the project work. Millennium dome was built to serve as a memento for the third millennium, and hence the name, while its purpose was to exhibit art. Our next project, the London Ambulance Project, is one that helps many in their course of lives. It has one of the largest fleet of medical services, with 24x7 help, offering mobile medical services. It is one of the oldest establishments and still runs to its utmost capacity. The Terminal 5 project in Heathrow airport is also one of the oldest projects, taking over 18 years to take form, shape and finally life. In this project, a new terminal – terminal 5 – was developed to enable smooth processing and fl ight availability by the BAA officials. a) The Millennium Dome – We have already explained what the main purpose of Millennium Dome was. Let us now take a look at the specifications of this project. The Millennium Dome was originally conceived by the John Majors Conservative government, mainly to celebrate the third millennium. However, the scope for the conception was small in nature. When the new government entered, lead by Tony Blair, in 1997, the project assumed a new and larger than life scope. The project was allotted  £399 million, while the size for the whole project too increased by manifolds. The design and

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