Friday, August 23, 2019

Jennifer Weltz Discussion Board Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Jennifer Weltz Discussion Board - Coursework Example The background image of an open book and presentation of various authors work is informative on the role of the corporation. Furthermore, the placement of functional hyperlink at the top region of the website makes navigation easy. In addition, the information about presented on the website is appropriate for the purpose of the website. Consequently, this among other reasons brings out the purpose of the website. 1. As the president of JVNLA, an organizational that has sold books domestically and internationally for almost two decades, I would like to know what do you look for in an author’s work that makes JVNLA what it is today (Our Team: Jennifer Weltz )? 3. With regard to your speech to the Historical Novel Society Convention that was held in San Diego, Madam President I quote â€Å"†¦I try to help my authors receive what they need to make their books reach their highest potential†. To me this implies that you have a commanding knowledge in realizing what it takes one to be the best author. Do you have any plans to nurture potential authors

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