Tuesday, August 13, 2019

CASE - 1 Routine and Goodwill Emails Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CASE - 1 Routine and Goodwill Emails - Essay Example It has come to our attention that most of us get distracted from the constant internet activities such as relentless email alerts, mail overloads and constant messages. Most of these actions divert attention of staff from the authentic work schedule to other minimal yet unproductive outcomes. Clearly, these disruptions not only allure you from your work, but more so impinge on your length of concentration, thereby causing unnecessary duress. In addition, such interruptions without a doubt infuriate and thus affect innovation and pleasure that you would otherwise derive from your work. This in turn negatively reflects in your yield. This predicament is taking a toll on most companies and we would like to curb its effects before we face extinction. We will therefore adopt an interruption management policy. Firstly, you are asked to configure your email applications. Adoption of systems such as outlook help sort out the mails. You can also study those who send you mails and know their t raits so as to make better judgment. Moreover, turn off any possible avenues for sound or visual alerts whenever in the office. Additionally, we have come up with specific times for checking and responding to necessary emails. This will be done after every two hours at least. However, the imperative mails must be responded to right away. In addition to this, there is need for face to face communications whenever one needs the output of a colleague within the organization. It helps you unwind and improves concentration. Additionally, through this, you will build a good rapport with your colleagues and save time as well. You can also do phone calls instead of writing emails. Furthermore, avoid as much as you can, replying to all, any message that comes in. This is because; it would interrupt those who are not directly concerned with the message in question. Restrain yourself too from replying virtually any email. Furthermore, you are to employ the automated messages system to shift at tention of your distracters. Also, renew your contacts automatically. The management would therefore like to get acknowledgement for the receipt of this document by you through email. We highly value you and anticipate a smooth transition. In case of any comments on the new policy, contact the human resource manager. Kind regards, Operations Manager Investigations by an Information Technology research company named Basex (2009) shows that basically any human being who uses the internet misses approximately two hours of their work time daily, to distractions caused by junk emails. Bigger companies lose as much as one billion dollars annually due to less productivity from members of staff instigated by overwork from emails (Ross, 2009). According to Rescue Time, a time management company (2010), an individual employee exploits instantaneous messaging seventy seven times on average every day. Definitely, it is clear that this eats into the company’s time (Jones, 2011). This is b ecause, once the effortful control of the brain is distorted, one would voluntarily desire to check the new messages as they come in. This is according to Porter (2010), who attributes this to the rise of technology obsession. The art of thinking requires concentration. Therefore, according to researchers at the University of Michigan (2010), multitasking can never be adopted for simply any activity. Reason being, 40% of the productivity would be negatively affected. It takes approximately fifteen minutes to recover from a

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