Sunday, August 11, 2019

Call to Action & Technology and Globalization Essay

Call to Action & Technology and Globalization - Essay Example The two pieces of information denote that Americans are not actively engaged in physical exercises, and this has to stop. The most common type of exercise that people should be encouraged to adopt is walking (Surgeons Office, 2010). This is because it is the easiest and most effective way on controlling the spread of obesity. There is a need of ensuring that citizens of the state are engaged in taking high quality and healthy food, that does not consist of too much fat. In persuading the audience to take action, the report has divided the information contained in it, into two major parts, the background of obesity, and opportunities of preventing obesity (Grady, 2010). Under background, the report gives comprehensive information on the trends, disparities, and consequences of obesity (Surgeons Office, 2010). It is therefore possible to denote that obesity is on an increase, and its health consequences are big. Based on this fact, there is a need of initiating a policy aimed at preventing its growth. The newspaper article also uses statistics to pass out the message that obesity is on the rise, and there is a need of action. For example, the newspaper article denotes that 30% of Americans are Obese, and this is an increase of 2.4 million people, since 2007 (Grady, 2010). This is an alarming figure that ma kes policy formulators worried, hence the need of enacting policies that can prevent an increase of obesity. Technology has played a great role in promoting the responsibilities of a global citizen. One of the main responsibilities of a global citizen is the promotion of the concept of human rights, and dignity. Due to advances in information technology, it is now possible for people to share information concerning the various injustices that occur in the world (Buss,Redburn and Guo, 2006). Social networking sites such as face book, twitter, instagram can be used to instantly send a

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