Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Employee Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words - 2

Employee Relations - Essay Example Skills and competence are very critical as they assist in achieving performance benefits through focusing on commitment, involvement, and engagement. These relations are strategic in managing business risks and mostly emphasize on unionizing management and unions. Influence is also very important in developing interpersonal communications as it provides professional satisfaction with the ability to influence, negotiate and empower valuable information thus enhancing more ideas. In the above case study, there are various aspects that need to be addressed. To begin with there are external influences that currently impact on this organization and this will include the political aspects, economic aspects, social-cultural and technological aspects. The political aspects will relate to ways in which changes in government and government  policy influence this organization as a whole. According to the Health trust provider, the government policy has other health providers in the vicinity, due to the recession the government fiscal policy and the budget deficit is more than the usual stringent thus the health trust expects to suffer the real drop of 10% in the entire region this year. The health trust is therefore expected to increase the number of patients and to elevate service quality, efficiency and effectiveness for them to make the budget constrain meet targets (Daniels 2006, p. 157). There is also need to identify key structural changes in the world around them which affect demand and  supply  conditions for their products. This will involve the economic changes. The economy will be the number one change driver; this is because it brings the necessary conditions for change. The economy at the moment is in recession but it seems the organization can still cope with this situation.  

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