Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Science fiction and films Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Science fiction and films - Essay Example The cyber punk nature of the film ‘Blade Runner’ is explicable as it involves the speculation of role of computerised human clones of the future, which is stimulating. As the film is associated with rave/techno subculture and substitutes enthusiastic blathering about technology, the cyber punk nature of the film was expressed in the way of narration and visuals. As the film involves the exciting about right things and a proper and respectful way of hacking the talent, the film excels in being a science fiction genre that explicitly talks about computerised clones of humans. As the computerised clones in the film are expressed in a highly criminalised manner, the necessity of expression of the criminal nature needs some symbolic lighting and expression that involves the value of life and humanity. As the lead character in the film Deckard prowls in the steel and micro chip jungle of 21st Century, the cyber punk nature of the film is explicitly seen in every inch of the na rration and story. However, the expression of humanity, detachment and precious nature of life involved inherently in the film give it a combined colour of film noir sub genre in addition to cyber punk sub genre for a science fiction genre film.... In addition to that the theme of the film concentrates on the replicant nature of Deckard and the reaction of Gaff about Deckard's dreams. As Gaff will be in control of a replicant the plot is to field an android to destroy unwanted androids. From here, the film introduces film noir sub genre in addition to the cyber punk sub genre in a science fiction genre film. The film noir genre and content of the film lies in the criminal background of replicants and a state killer tracking down them. As the plot is to murder the artificial people for their illegal acts (wanting to live more than the stipulated time against the wishes of the administration), the film noir nature of the film is expressed well by frequent voice over in the film. 2 In addition to that the general brutality (the brutality of four replicants, whom Deckard has to execute) violence and harsh dialogue are present in the characters. The harsh dialogue can be seen in the expression of the leader of the replicants who confront with their creator. As the inherent activities of replicants are related to crime and horror, the lead character also express some attributes of film noir with a trench coat and a gun. In addition to that there are anti hero characters in Deckard as he drinks too much, loner and does not trusts authorities. Though Deckard is a detective, the harsh dialogues like "They do not advertise for killers. I am not in the business. I am the business. If You are not a cop, you are little people", makes the narration of the film to have a noir type of content. One more aspect that establishes the noir nature in the film is that the violence is brutal and graphic. As the duty of Deckard is fatal (he is to kill the

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