Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tax Dollars Should Fund Religious Schools Essay -- Argumentative Persu

Tax Dollars Should Fund Religious Schools The issue of whether or not to use tax dollars to provide private schools with vouchers has been controversial for many years now.   Many people feel that it is our governments obligation to provide private institutions with the proper funds, while others believe that if private schools inherit our tax dollars then it is violation of our constitution as it promotes a particular religion.   I think it is our government's responsibility to provide each and every school with tax dollars, regardless of its orientation.   Many reasons, especially popularity and success rates provide substantial evidence that private schools should be funded by government vouchers. The main concern of those who oppose the use of government money for private schools is whether or not it would be constitutional.   In the past, many Supreme Court cases have proven that school vouchers for private schools are constitutional.   For example in Board of Education vs. Allen it was established that providing funds for private schools does not violate the Establishment C...

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