Saturday, August 1, 2020

One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap Im up early. Im up REALLY early, and its not because I stayed up, its because I woke up . . . to go study. Finals are coming up! You see, theres this little class called 2.006 also known as Thermal Fluids Two and its a wee bit difficult. Difficult in that since Friday morning at 7 Ive been studying pretty much non-stop. The final is on Monday, that gives me 1.5 more days to learn everything. The good part? I think Im almost there. I actually think Ill be ready for Monday *crosses fingers* But, I digress. I walked out of the dorm this morning at 6:20 AM. As I ritually do, I check the dome before I head down dorm row towards campus, just because the dome is so visible and Im more likely to see a hack in the morning than in the afternoon or evening. So, step 1, check dome. Step 2, get really excited and head back inside for my camera. Step 3, photograph dome from afar to share on blog. YAY! They put a BUMP on the dome. Obviously, from this distance, whatever was up there wasnt quite as impressive as I think it was supposed to be, so I detoured from my studying route and headed over to Killian. Now, I dont have some fancy SLR or tripod or anything, Ive got a cybershot throw-in-your-pocket camera. BUT it loves taking pictures outside and the digital zoom is pretty good, so Ive got two more pictures for you, one from farther away and then the same picture zoomed in really close. Ive played with the brightness and contrast in order to make things a bit more visible. Ahhhhhhh, ok, I get it now. Its a lunar lander! Apollo 11 probably, since the 40th anniversary is coming up. Yeah, that looks similar! From the distance I could see that white circle above the ladder blinking, so there are at least some onboard electronics. Im guessing theyre not solar powered but it does add a nice touch. So thats that! Happy soon-to-be 40th Birthday Apollo 11, MIT remembers you!

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