Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Personal Development Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Personal Development Plan - Essay Example This personal development plan is intended to help me: To become more effective, confident and independent In identifying my strengths and weaknesses To improve my skills To develop a positive attitude towards learning SELF-ANALYSIS AND CRITICS From time to time I was provided with many different opportunities to develop my skills and abilities, which I did. If I compare my past and present self, I would definitely say that with the passage of time my performances, communication skills, research skills, and reading skills have greatly improved. Moreover, I can say that I have become a more professional individual than in the past. The key to my success has been teamwork and confidence. With both these factors on my side, I have a long way to go in the future. These skills have allowed me to be more friendly and interactive with others. With the radical improvement in my communication skills, I have been able to interact effectively with my group members and teachers during seminars a nd lectures. This communication skill has also helped me in dealing with different individuals throughout my educational career and has enabled me to share my views and opinions with others and to understand other’s perspective as well.   With continuous academic reading, I have also been able to improve my reading skills. In the past, I have some serious issues in reading but with a positive attitude to learn and gain more knowledge, I have to keep on reading articles, novels, newspapers, comic books, and researches and this has certainly helped me in improving my skills. Whenever I encountered a word that I was not aware of, I did not hesitate to ask others about it. This helped me a lot to improve my particular reading skills. The same I used to do with different concepts, I have never been afraid of asking from my colleagues or even my teachers. This has really helped me in making a better learner.  

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