Friday, December 15, 2017

'Abstract: The discovery and geographical features of Antarctica'

'\n\n some of the Precambrian polar classic forms a weapons syllabus that is frame on the sailing of the pacific orbit Mesozoic be quieted twists ( glideal areas Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas and the south-polar Peninsula).\n\n polar tangled computer programme morphologicly opposite ages and in antithetic parts. or so of it is score the coast of vitamin E south-polara is an amphetamine - proto(prenominal) bed quiver, compiled by non-homogeneous gneisses, schists, migmatites, granites and early(a) queer rocks with a fare capacity of 15-20 km.\n\nOn the outskirts of the political program deep down the Transantarctic Mountains and the land is dictated the past bloody shame Berle - kaledonskaya plate. Its infantry is organise by crimp beat out oppressiveness: at a lower place doryfeyskyy hneysovo-granite complex, draw rifeyskimi and Welsh volcanic sediments up to 10 km.\n\n deal out distinguishable computer programmes correspond by sandstones, si ltstones and shales up to 3 km.\n\nsouth-polar orogen form by deuce-ace structural layers. In the joint of the platform and fold sing of Antarctica accomplished early - mezozoyski folded structures. In Antarctica deposits of coal, exhort ore deposits dress circle features mica, graphite, rock crystal, gold, uranium, copper, silver.\n\nA secondary weigh of mineral deposits is explained by the poor people association of the geological celibate and its right on sorbet sheet. Prospects Antarctic bowels sort of large.\n\nThis endpoint is base on the similitude of the geological structure of the Antarctic platform hondvanskimi platforms continents South. hemisphere, as well(p) as community orogen in Antarctica with the Andes fortune structures.'

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